We value your privacy

Minerva collects different kinds of personal information about service users, members or others who use our service. Information collected ranges from the name and address of a member to extensive case notes.
Minerva is bound by legal obligations including the Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria) and the Health Records Act 2001.

What information do we keep about you?

Minerva members include individual women who live or work in the barwon south west region, as well as workers state-wide. We have a database of member and contact names, contact details and particular interests. This last category enables us to know what kind of information you may be interested in receiving.

What can happen to information about you?

Personal information about individual members and contacts is strictly confidential. This means we will not give out this information to any organisation or individual.
Publicly available information about services may be cross-referenced with like-minded organisations in the interests of keeping our records up-to-date.
Another example is if you are a family violence client and the person who hurt you or your children is charged with a crime in relation to that violence. Many forms of family violence are criminal acts. Our workers may occasionally be subpoenaed to give evidence in such cases.

Any other questions?

It is important that you understand their rights regarding your personal information. Minerva encourages you to talk to our staff if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about what happens to your information.