What does Minerva offer?

Minerva Community Services provides a free and confidential service to Women and their dependant children who have, or are, experiencing family violence.

  • Minerva is operated exclusively by women and offers understanding, support, information, case management, risk assessment, safety planning and referral services to women who require these services.

  • Minerva endeavours to ensure its services are client focused and directed and our specifically trained staff can assist you to discuss your options so that you can make the most informed decision for your situation.

  • Minerva makes every effort to ensure the service is accessible to all women irrespective of their cultural background. We use interpretive services where required and we have an aboriginal specific worker to provide culturally appropriate support to empower women to determine best outcomes for themselves.

  • We can assist  with information in relation to  housing options, including remaining in your own home, fleeing to refuge if necessary or seeking alternative accommodation.

  • We can give you basic information on how to obtain legal intervention including support to contact police to make a report, applying for an intervention order and how an exclusion order can help you and your children remain in your own home where safe and practical. We can provide other support service to assist with your personal safety. e.g. locks changed, security lighting etc where required.

  • We can support you to obtain financial independence through obtaining a Centrelink benefit and direct you to financial services that can assist you to sort out your short and long term financial issues.

  • We will assist you to make an ongoing safety plan to help keep you, and your children (if applicable) safe from further abuse.

  • Whilst we have limited funding we can in certain instances assist women with transport costs to travel to a place of safety.

  • All personal information given to the staff at Minerva will be  treated with the utmost confidence. The only time we are obliged to  break that confidence is if we feel you or one of your children are at immediate risk of harm.

  • We provide community education and awareness to groups, schools and other services on request and hold specialist events to raise awareness of family violence and its negative effects on women and children.